10 Really Cool And Unique Lamps

Sneaker Lamp 

Creative lamp designed by Clara Sjodin that looks like a sneaker. The cloth shoe laces are not only accurately scaled, they are the actual power cords for the bulbs found in each sneaker, which helps keep the lamp's design very clean. Would you put a pair up in your house?(Link)

 Mary Had a Little Lamp
Lonely in bed at night while you read? Mary Had a Little Lamp is there to help you and keep your bed warm.

 Penguins Lamps
Collection of lamps "Save The Penguins" by Alex Kozynets.

Fire Lamp
Fire inspired lamp designed by Santiago Sevillano. The body is made of white semitransparent PET rotational molding and inside is LED lighting. The table lamps are wireless and use a base charge.

 Book Rest Lamp
Whilst you're all tucked up in bed reading your favorite fairy-tale, horror story or glamour model biography, you can read to the glow of this clever and uncomplicated lamp. Made of frosted glass it gives off a soft light, ideal to read to but also doubles as a book rest ensuring you never lose your page. Designed by Lee Sang Gin.
 Nymph Lamp
Nymph, as in “the immature form of some insects”, is the name of this odd and cool looking lamp by Site Specific Design – an interior and furniture design company based in Brooklyn, New York. The price: $2,600.

 Martini Lamp 
This sophisticated lamp model has an illuminated red pimento.

 Memento Lamp
ID Award 2008 Biennial Winning an interior product award. Design by Hiroshi Yoneya and Yumi Masuko.

Moon Rock Lamps
Beautiful and original design from the 1960's. Each lamp is handcrafted in Ravenna, Italy, of fiberglass and then coated with a layer of natural Italian stones. Both beautiful and modern, these lamps give any space a natural warm atmosphere. Can be used as ambient lighting on the floor or table top.